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We are specialists in the sales, repair, restoration and retro-rebuild of many models of classic cars and are experts in Jensens, Triumph Stags and MK11 Jaguars.

Why buy a Classic Car?

There has never been a better time to purchase a classic car.  You may be surprised at some of the major benefits that classic car ownership can bring:

Extremely low depreciation

Modern vehicles typically depreciating anything between 40% - 60% in the first 3 years of ownership.  If maintained correctly, you can expect the type of cars offered by “classic cars for sale” to hold it’s value (perhaps even appreciate slightly). But don’t take our word for it, take a look at the following quote from Glass’s Guide.

"When in excellent condition, many if not most of today’s true classics are appreciating assets. Assuming that their excellent condition is kept up, the value of the best examples with average mileage should continue to rise year-on-year, even if only gently. Though some owners might feel that they are increasing the value of their classic by using it less and keeping the mileage down, it’s worth remembering that any rises in value as a result of lower mileage are likely to be modest and must be offset against the lack of reward in not using and enjoying the car."
John Glynn, Editor of Glass’s Older Car Guide.

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zero rated road tax

So long as your classic was built pre-1973 (UK only) it should qualify for zero rated road tax. This is a very considerable saving on vehicles with similar performance / emissions.

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Surprising reliability

With our retro rebuild vehicles (see selection on the Classic Cars For Sale website) you will get all of the benefits associated with classic car ownership (zero depreciation and tax, a real sense of occasion etc) with out the worry of reliability problems.  Performance related items such as brake upgrades, fuel injection with new manifolds, electronic ignition systems and modern engine management control, and other mechanical components to enhance classic Jensens, Triumph Stags and MK11 Jaguars, to enable the vehicles to be used as everyday cars with the same reliability as modern vehicles.

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Bespoke Auto Developments offer the following services from our custom built classic car workshop:

Classic Car Retro-Rebuilds - We have in stock New Ford sports and racing engines, gearboxes and independent rear suspension systems to modernise and retro-rebuild, Triumph Stags, Jaguar MK11, and Jensen Interceptors, with performance related options from 260BHP up to 415BHP, choices of interior trim specification, manual or auto gearbox options, abs braking systems with or without racing calipers.

Classic Car Restoration - We can offer full a restoration service as we have all the equipment and facilities on-site needed to carry out any aspect of a mechanical, bodywork or interior job. We have our own in house engineering facilities and CAD design team so that any unobtainable parts that need to be manufactured can also be accommodated.

Classic Car Repairs – Bespoke Auto Developments are  completely self sufficient in that we have all the latest equipment to carry out mechanical, bodywork and interior jobs as a complete turnkey job or just part of the work.

We have our own in house engineering facilities and cad design team so that any unobtainable parts that need to be manufactured can also be accommodated. This also gives us the ability to manufacture components on a one off basis for mechanical upgrades for items such as suspension system modification, performance related items, such as supercharging, fuel injection systems, performance brake upgrades, cooling systems.

In the paint shop we again have all the latest equipment with our own paint mixing schemes for both bodywork and interior trim refurbishment, our own low bake oven, also our own bead/shot blasting equipment for full body shells, fabrication equipment to manufacture new components and panels, the latest pulse mig welding and plasma cutting systems.

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